Made in Berg

“Along with the sick and children, artists have suffered the most from the crisis and its consequences. With the lack of publicity, they have lost not only any possibility of earning money, but also the purpose of their activity, which is to delight people and make them think. If you can’t sing your songs to anyone and show your paintings to anyone, it doesn’t help that you usually work alone in your studio anyway.”

So the new cultural representative of the Berg community, Dr. Andreas Ammer. Together with the Berger curator and author Katja Sebald, he has launched the first “online action and performance show of Berger artists,” “A digital showroom without minimum distance.”

For 14 days, from Sunday, June 14 at 2 p.m. until June 28, art lovers and culture supporters had the wonderful opportunity to purchase a few unique works by Berger artists at an equally unique special price. The purchase price of 300 € each went 100% to the artist(s).

The goal of the campaign, namely to bring more attention to creative artists in these times, appealed to us immediately. In this respect, Andreas Ammer and Katja Sebald didn’t have to ask us for long to support the project and so, within just under a week, we had the foundation of the new website “Made in Berg” up and running and hope that there will be many more of these actions in the near future.

Unbelievable but true: After only one hour, a third of the works were already sold and after a good two days, the last work also went over the digital counter!

In the local QUH-Blog, the action was presented very extensively and accompanied live.

There was also a nice follow-up report on the successful action in the Süddeutsche Zeitung on June 18: