What we have on the record at the moment, what we do (as long as we are allowed to talk about it), when we think outside the box (whenever there is finally time for that), what we noticed recently (because you like to look), what doesn’t fit at the moment in another place (but still shouldn’t go unmentioned), can be found here:


The project by Dario Suppan “O`zapft” deals photographically with the commercialization of the Bavarian way of life in the form of the Upper Bavarian traditional costume tradition.

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Was mit Ton

“When are you going to do something in the Marstall again?” is something we hear again and again. Now we’re doing something again. An experiment. Improvised.

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Made in Berg

What with art: “Made in Berg” is the first online action and performance show by Berger artists. A digital showroom without minimum distance.

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