Yearning climate neutral

Environmental protection, climate change – a corresponding awareness should actually be a matter of course, but hardly a week goes by without heated discussions everywhere about sense or nonsense, sustainability or sensationalism, scaremongering or the last chance. By the way, this is also the case in our house during the one or other lunch break.

After the usual waste separation (“is this something for the yellow bag or not?”), the purchase of electricity generated from renewable energies or the best possible avoidance of plastic waste, the end of the feasible is quickly reached in the agency. We can’t do without computers, we need light to work, etc.

But when we met Gregory Endres from the Starnberg-based company Fokus Zukunft last fall, we learned that there are other ways to do something meaningful for the environment.

Fokus Zukunft advises companies on sustainability. emissions reduction and energy efficiency. In addition, they broker climate protection certificates. What at first seemed to us to be a kind of modern indulgence trade makes perfect sense after a second glance. Climate works globally. If it is not possible to reduce emissions locally, there is the option of contributing globally or elsewhere. By purchasing UN-controlled climate protection certificates, we are now supporting the Vichada Climate Reforestation Project in the Orinoco Department in Colombia.

This project is about targeted hardwood production. This means that the felling of the trees is simultaneously linked to reforestation. In this way, the natural habitat for native animals and plants as well as the highly sensitive ecosystem can be preserved. The ISO 22000-certified company thus saves 352,487 metric tons of  CO2-eq per year.

If you are also interested in this kind of climate protection, we recommend the website of Fokus Zukunft.