The soul of the Salzach

Pascal Rösler, founder of Pure Water for Generations e.V., was on the road again in his mission to raise awareness about the water quality of our rivers. Last August we had met Pascal for the first time and then invited him to the fourth PopUpKunst-Exhibition in October to show his film 2467km about SUPing the Danube.

Short review: In the summer of 2017, Pascal paddled 2,467 km from Munich to the Black Sea. On the journey, he had to realize that practically nowhere along the entire route did he have a sip of drinkable water under his paddle. Thus was born the vision to fight for drinkable Danube water. In order to achieve this, one of the findings was that all tributaries would first have to become clean again.

In September 2018, Pascal hiked and paddled along and on the Salzach from its source in front of Wald and the Krimml Falls to its mouth in the Inn shortly behind Burghausen. A film team led by Matse Obermeier accompanied him on his way and the film “The Soul of the Salzach” will now premiere on Friday 8.2.19 at the Münchener Mathäser-Kino Premiere.

On the last stage, numerous StandUp paddlers accompanied Pascal from Tittmoning to the mouth of the Inn. For Yearning Michael Przybilka was at the start.

Photos: Alexander Görbing

We are responsible for the graphic design of the film as well as all accompanying measures such as posters, flyers, etc. and incidentally the new logo of Pure Water for Generations e.V.

All of Pascal’s subsequent voice recordings were also made at our Yearning recording studio.