Spontaneous moments, handmade.

“Unfortunately the show at XXXX got cancelled, but if anybody knows an alternative venue or maybe a living room we come and play.”

That’s what it said on a Thursday under a Facebook post by the US band Handmade Moments. The following Tuesday, February 4, would have been the date. After a somewhat restless night, we decided on Friday to spontaneously invite the singer/songwriter duo Anna Moss and Joel Ludford from New Orleans to join us. Four days later, they were actually on our agency stage to give a terrific performance in front of a select audience in the attic, which was amazingly full in such a short time.

In February Handmade Moments can be seen in Regen (6.2.), Bayreuth (7.2.), Magdeburg (8.2.), Berlin (9.2.) and Düsseldorf (12.2.), until they will be back on stage in the USA at the end of February.

In any case, we would be happy to be able to present them here again sometime.

More info can be found on the Band’s Website.