How do you explain to the world that the No. 1 brands North Kiteboarding and North Sails Windsurfing are operating overnight under a new brand umbrella with a new name? The whole thing, of course, in such a way that no customers and sales are lost? And, best of all, to use the momentum to bring previous brand holdouts to the new Duotone brand?

The brand switch to DUOTONE: a major task, a real challenge and a resounding success. The summary after a few months: all goals 100% met.

We were involved from the very first moment:

– Definition of brand mission, brand vision, brand values and positioning.
– Argumentation chain “Why the brand change (BtoB and BtoC story)?
– Scheduling/communication strategy Brand Switch
– Development of claim and wording
– Development of marketing measures catalog
– Teaser campaign: website with countdown, teaser site
– Complete text development/wording and content
– Conception of storyboards and rider clips/brand intro clips
– Conception of advertorials, text development