In no other region of the world is there such a stereotypical image of the people and their mentality as in Upper Bavaria. From the people who can drink beer like water to the haferl-shod, goaßlschnalzenden, always zünftig, brünftig, griabigen, jodelnden, tradition-conscious, wild-bieselnden nature people, the most audacious ideas. It is precisely this Bavarian way of life that continues to gain popularity internationally in terms of traditional Bavarian clothing. There are now countless variations of Lederhosen & Dirndl and around 4,000 imitations of the famous Oktoberfest.

But with the growing popularity and the ever freer interpretations, the authenticity and originality of the Bavarian costume tradition is getting lost in mass production and consumerism. The project “O`zapft” deals photographically with the commercialization of the Bavarian way of life in the form of the Upper Bavarian traditional costume tradition.

To the project: www.dario-suppan.de

Dario came to us on the recommendation of an acquaintance, at the time he had only just completed his Abitur (high school diploma) and had produced a few graphic works as a hobby. However, most of his work was more impressive than many of the portfolios of designers who had presented themselves to us with professional experience. After brief, intensive discussions and deliberations, we decided to take Dario on as a dual student with us. Time flew by and to cut a long story short, Dario is now a permanent and indispensable member of the Yearning design team.