Oskar Maria Graf Festival Days

Oskar Maria Graf (1894 – 1967) was without a doubt an exceptional figure and is to this day the world’s best known and at the same time most controversial citizen of the municipality of Berg. In 2017, on the 50th anniversary of his death, initiated by Katja Sebald, the Oskar Maria Graf Festival took place in Berg with our participation. 

Together with the film and radio play producer Andreas Ammer, the art historian Katja Sebald and the literary translator and third mayor of Berg Elke Link, and in cooperation with the Literaturhaus München, we conceived, designed and organized the series of events for the municipality of Berg, which comprised a total of 13 dates.

Our part included the creation of all printed materials, the conception, implementation and programming of the website omg-berg.de, as well as the implementation of individual events.

The festive series started on 27.06.17 with the vernissage of the historical exhibition at Galerie Wimmer, ehem Schlossbrauerei Berg.

In the run-up, we digitized and retouched about 150 historical photos, letters, postcards and more to produce large-format exhibits for the exhibition. In fact, this was also a search for traces for us, as we rediscovered Berg and its surroundings while editing the motifs, recognizing buildings or streets and comparing what had changed and what had not.

Here are a few more impressions of the other program items:
Row 1: Andy Ammer’s radio play “The King is Gone” at Aufkirchner Post
Row 2: The cultural association Berg presents works around the theme Graf
Row 3: Jürgen Tonkel and Schorsch Hampel read and played in the Berger Marstall

A 54-page illustrated book summarizes the series of events once again:

The small edition was immediately sold out, but the book can still be examined or borrowed in the municipal library or archive.

More pictures and detailed information about all events can be found at omg-berg.de!

Also a kind of review: