On the Würm with Pascal Rösler

Pascal Rösler on the line? Isn’t he the one who paddled the Danube to the Black Sea with the SUP? A mutual contact, Gunter Müller from GPS Live Tracking,

had connected us and it was quickly clear that we should meet. And where could be a more suitable place to meet Pascal than on the water.

So on a Monday morning, instead of meeting at the agency, we met at 7:30am near Leutstetten on the river Würm for a joint paddle tour. This is how business meetings are fun…

Pascal Rösler, like us an enthusiastic water sportsman, has been actively involved in the environmental field for several years. He founded the association “Pure Water for Generations” and in 2017 paddled almost 2,500 km along the Danube from Munich to the Black Sea. With his association and his actions, he has now collected almost 40,000 euros, which are used, among other things, for renaturation projects on the Isar River or for information days at kindergartens and schools, where awareness of water and its value is to be created.

There is a wonderful film of his journey on the Danube, which, by the way, we will also show on Friday 26 October 2018 with us in the Marstall, more info on that soon.

Now in September, Pascal will be cruising the Salzach on his third SUP tour, from its origins outside Wald and the Krimmler Waterfalls in Austria to where it flows into the Inn behind Burghausen. We are happy to support Pascal and Pure Water for Generations on this way in a first step with flyers and a film evening.

Pascal’s association Pure Water for Generations with all info about goals and visions can be found at pure-water-for-generations.com